Select List Item : List Index Too Large

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Issue Video- Untitled 4_480p.mp4 - Google Drive

Similar Problem with another people on this aia

please Help me to fix this problem

Friend, the problem is in the Select Item block. You are trying to get index 141from a list with length 8.

The issue is in one of your ‘select list item’ blocks. Use do it in the companion and see which one this error is occurring for (the one length 8, index 141)

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watch my airtable . 141 is total image in whole airtable and 8 is image in one field ,then is
error only shown on last new wallpaper category images

would you fix my aia error problem ? . i not understand how to fix it .

According to my opinion
there should not be empty row in airtable
and second thing it says
you have list of item 8
and you trying to call the item 141 Why ??

Can you send the airtable screenshot ??

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Then you designed blocks somewhere wrong. Instead of picking 8th image from 141, you set up rule to pick 141th image from the total of 8. Pleas review your blocks.

I too have the same aia its wallpaper app aia :joy: :joy:

could you give me your airtable link and aia ??

you got this problem in your aia file

No its working smooth and image loading is too fast
its just awesome

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Are you added more categories in table

contact me in discord- FlexGamer#3804

You are using two spreadsheet1 get column in same screen? How is it working then,

Which block rule app will follow?

i am not using two Aritable in one screen

If you share your screen or aia , we will solve it…

Are you , this rule is correct and working ??

How to fix this ?

This is a Wallpaper app
I downloaded this wallpaper aia file from appdev

I not removed any block or customize
I only added some block separately

Problem- There are 9 Wallpaper Category already added in wallpaper app by Appdev but when i add extra category then this problem shown after installling app on phone and try to open image of new category which i added
Issue Video- Untitled 4_480p.mp4 - Google Drive

My AIA-ARTWALL21.aia (1.6 MB)

My APP-ARTWALL21.apk - Google Drive
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similar problem faced by another people Wallpaper app 2 (Free) (Animations + Search bar) - #41 by Rohit_Singh2

ARTWALL21.aia (1.6 MB)

Please help me to fix this problem i am beginner in kodular