AppDev: Aia & Extension store

AppDev: Aia & Extension store

We provide both free & paid aia & extensions in our app. Buyers will get our full support and services.
We also make apps for others, dm me for more information.

Inspired from DeepHost’s design - App


Price : ₹ 650 ($10)

App Store/Download link:


As promised I changed the design of my app. Also I am selling this old app aia (the one with Deep Host’s design). If you are interested, then message me.

Screenshots =
00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

I also added some new features in new design (like light/dark mode, bookmarks, purchased items ,etc). Also added Paypal for international payments.
Not uploaded it yet on play store, so if you have any suggestions or found any bug then please comment below :smile:

Price: Not for sale (Not yet :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Download link: Play Store


Good job…
But it’s ui, little bit look like deep host app so if you can make some changes…


Nice UI & clean design. :+1:

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Nice UI
But this

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thx for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Amit_Narwal
Good Job :+1:
I have a doubt.As you said that your provide free and paid extensions in your app so:
1.Are you providing just your extensions?
2.If not and you are providing all extensions then are you giving a direct download link?
3.And have you taken permission from developers of paid extension’s to sell their extensions?

If answer to first question is yes then ignore other questions.

  1. All aia projects provided in the app is made by me. In case of extensions, some of them made by me and some by my friends.
  2. All extensions & aia in the app have direct link to download.
  3. Yes I have taken the permission of my friend to post their extensions in my app :blush:
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Your app is very smooth and good looking ,Better than deephost.

Just one issue with font sizing,its not responsive


thx :blush:
yes I am aware of this issue. This issue is only visible in older devices or devices with smaller screen. I don’t have any old device to test, but I am still trying to correct this.

Well my device is not so old, and the screen is bigger than average, yet the issue still persists.

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I checked my app on some devices & there was no such issue. Maybe I did something wrong there.

Screen size is not the factor,its the pixel density


Clean Design:heart: :smirk:


thanks :blush: :wink:

Nice Application.
Nice UI.

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thx :smile:

Don’t take credit for a design that isn’t yours.

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did I said that anywhere?

No, but you’re saying thanks to everyone who says “Nice design” or “Nice UI” when it was originally someone else’s.

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but did I said anywhere that it’s my design? :thinking:
I saying that just to be polite, what’s wrong with that?

And I know it’s not my design, even majority of us know that it’s Deep Host’s design. I made this app on the requests of other. This was not my intention, people requested me to make an app just like Deep Host’s app, and so I did that.