DeepHost Extensions Clone App Made From Kodular

Hello Everyone,
I Noticed most of people wanting to develop app like deephost extensions from kodular.
currently i am working to make this app.
here is how it is looking…

this is how original app look

if you have any suggestions for me then plz give…

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Try to make app more unique bro because everyone will jugde your app as fake app and if need any help just pm me

bro i am just making this app to sell to the person who interested in it because some people wanting this app to be made from kodular because originally it was made from android studio.

i can show you a layout of mine

can you tell me those views are custom views or you made them

i made it.

bro you must go for different layout this one is very hard i guess but i think you have spent alot of time so you can continue or i can show you my app ui

show me your ui bro .

this just suggestion designed by me


That was dynamic

Which webview he used

which app you use for disign application

Paint :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

This can be made with Deephost Cutom Design Listview extension (paid)

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Which extension you used?

I didnt used any extensions

yes , this one is also fully dynamic , i was making this just to check this is possible or not to make without using any extensions and i made it successfully without using any extensions.

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Using dynamic component??

Personally I see it as the same thing, but with a different font and shadows. There’s not much of a difference and I recommend making a completely different layout instead of taking someones even if it is a fake app :man_shrugging:

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