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I think copyright not only exists in Germany but worldwide. The layout and design of an app is also a protected work and is subject to copyright and trademark law.


Thank you for agreeing with me. It is not right to copy someone else’s work and only modify it “a bit.”


you “forgot” to give credit… if you are copying something from somewhere, please give credit and add a link to the source… this is how the internet works…

EDIT: you might want to fix this in the first post of this thread… and next time you might want to follow the rules… thank you…

Why it’s a good idea to give credit by Corey Wainwright.



It’s not just about giving credit, it’s asking for permission from someone if you want to use something from him / her. When using extensions, it is different because they are provided for use.
This certainly does not apply to a special app design. (→ Copyright infringement - Wikipedia)

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thx for reminding me that, I forgot to do that :sweat_smile:

but I didn’t copy 100% of his whole design. I only took some main design which I looks cool

And this is just for now, to see if we can make apps like that made from android studio (and also because people were asking me to make an app like this). I will change most of the design in upcoming updates.

Making something which is available in market will not give you nothing. Instead try developing your own design which is different from the compitition. Which may give a new identity instead of just saying your app a clone of other app.

yes, I totally agree with this
it’s actually not me who want to use this design, it was others who want. But I will change most of the design in upcoming updates for sure :smile:

Actually I am experimenting for now, using already existing design to see if I can make it or not. By doing this I guess I can make my own design someday which will be better then others :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


How do you know how many downloads and show them IMG_٢٠٢٠٠٦٢٥_٢١٤٣٢٤_٥٥٣

Bhai please provide dark mode .aia please I need it…

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you can try and make it yourself

whenever someone downloads the aia or extension successfully I increase 1 number in downloads and save it to the airtable


Looking forward to a redesign :wink:


it doesn’t matter if people asked to make or not. if you’re copying someone else’s work than you should ask for permission and credit them. also, you should think before doing something.

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I mentioned him already, and I didn’t copy all, just basic design.
But still I will keep in mind about this next time.

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I have downloaded Custom toast extension from your App.

I have some queries about it.

Extension is very good, i was looking for it from long time.

I just want to decrease the duration of toast message. Whenever I set duration value in decimals there is no change in the duration.

I want to show it for 500 milliseconds. How to set this value?

And if this is not possible then there should be a block to dismiss it as show toast block is present.

Is there any documentation present about this extension?

Uploade darkmode system .aia on you appdev app

Thx for the suggestion.
Actually that extension is not made by me but by my friend (I already mentioned this in the app also). And for duration you can only use 0 for short and 1 for long duration of toast.
I already pass the suggestion to my friend and he is looking into it.

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I just made this tutorial specifically for you. Follow this tutorial for dark/light mode

Design is updated now