AppDev: Aia & Extension store

Your new design is so cool and different.
Btw, you forgot to update the images of new design on play store.

Some suggestions, instead of hello users you can use the users name.

And when we click on bookmark button, change the icon to filled heart instead just keep it heart outline icon every time.


thx for the suggestions :smile:
I am already showing user name there, I don’t know why it’s not showing for you :thinking:

Did you register in the app using email?

I will soon update images on the play store, kind of busy on other projects right now

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No, using Google.

Edit : When I cleared data and log in again it showed my name.

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And the image preview is not covering while screen. Have you set the arrangement height to 100%

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yup, sometimes it cover the whole screen and sometime it doesn’t
I don’t know why :sweat_smile:

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oh sry
I didn’t update in app purchase prices. I will update them soon

Thx for reporting this :grinning:

We can easily bypass the registration process


wow :roll_eyes: I didn’t know that
But I know that app can be hacked, so I took some precautions like whenever a user opens a paid app/extention, first of all app will see whether the user already purchased the app or not. Also I didn’t store any paid app aia in any storage. Whenever a user buys a paid app/extension, a txt file will be downloaded with further instructions to how to get that paid aia.

The activity launcher shows different screen in app, and we can access them. To prevent this use one screen for registration and home.

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Another solution would be to open screen with start value and check on that screen initialize if start value matches, continue else close screen or whatever want to do.
I did this in one of my app because I knew screens can be opened with activity starter apps.


Correct, I also do this.

when screen2.initialize:
  if is empty(start value):
    close application

how to change card color .how to used the extension

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I think he has used gradient colour or images in card view.

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I am using gradient colour extension

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Which database you use to make the app?

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blogger to store images and airtable to store everything else


how to make a card design extension used and add text

plz search in the community, you will find plenty tutorials

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