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AiaStore App

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I am introducing Aia store app.and this app is free to everyone. and in this app you can download the aia as well as apk of that project. and you also can able see the screenshot of the projects.


All Features:

  1. All free AIA projects.
  2. Test apk of that AIA
  3. Details of that project with version code.
  4. Search option, through that you can easily search AIA’s.
  5. you can see the downloaded file by clicking on my downloads from the side menu.
  6. Design of details screen of the aia is changed
  7. Video for the preview of the aia’s output.
  8. Now you can see the full screen shot by clicking on that.
  9. Showcase option in it you can see the different projects that i made.
  10. Status tags of the aia file
  11. Move to the top once you scroll down
  12. Affiliate the Aia and earn commission on thatAffiliate program
  13. Now you can see preview of multiple screenshots by swiping left or right.
  14. now app will load faster than before
  15. Small changes in design according to users report
  16. Some security functions are added
  17. Rate and write review for Aia’s
  18. Download popup while downloading the aia
  19. Systematic way of downloading the file
  20. Follow on instagram added
  21. File name for that specified aia or apk
  22. Total Downloader og Aia File.
  23. Username added in the login
  24. One Time login
  25. Username in rating
  26. You can edit username
  27. App Optimised

Apk File:


You will get Notification of each new projects. and you also get the new Aia project before i upload on kodular community. so it will be beneficial to you.

Latest Version Of Aia Store:
Version Code: 16
Version Name: 1.2.6

Visit the official website of Aia store:

Last Update Details:-


Nice UI. Keep it up!

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Nice UI, keep it up.
Is it the theme of your app or it’s dark mode.

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I want to say few things-

First i Loged In with my own Phone number, i thought i will get any OTP for login but it loged me in directly.
So, i just for test used this number to login - 1234567890 and it worked.
(I dont know you are doing that intensionaly or not)

Secondly when when i click on any image (for preview) -

it do not shows any bigger preview of image (like playstore).
But it shows a narrow ribbon on both sides of image like it is registering the touches but there is no output.

One personal opinion -
your app logo looks small in device.

It will look better if it is a bit zoomed in.

Some Appriciation -
UI is very neat and appealing.
Default dark theme looks very amazing and blended.

First up all thanks for downloading it,
So first thing why I not used the otp here,
If I used the otp for login
By firebase then firebase shared limited number of otp.
Second if I used fast 2 fast sms then they only serve their service from 9 am to 9 pm . In this case if user are login on 10 pm then he not able to get the otp and they may face the problem here. And now you are talking about the preview so, that was i created but i removed this feature due to blurred image. And i also ask in community
( I enable the high quality of images option) .
And if you entered 1234567890 like that number then I will block that number on that aia store app
And your third point to zoom in
So in this case I not focused on one device some devices has circular app icon by default. Do in that circle this will be able to visible.

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How you manage that.

From admin

Recently i blocked more than 5 accounts

Theme of the app

I think you entered 1234567890 phone number.

I first entered my real number
But after that for test i used 1234567890 :crazy_face:

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If any one entered like that number then they will block by the admin. Check your 1234567890 account

I checked and it logged in one time.

But second time it redirected me.

Appreciate your efforts.

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Now , i set that when user use any wrong number then it automatically block. And thanks for this. I will be work.on that large preview don’t worry .

Oh now its even showing me the Blocked Notification.
Lots of Effort by you.

Its says i am violating the Privacy Policy.
But you never stated about that in privacy policy.
You must update it.


After being blocked if I open the app it stays on splash screen. What if I want to sign up again?

Yes it also happened with me.

But after 2 to 3 runs it redirected me to his Email.

Click here for policy

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Yes, for appeal

If you want to sign up then clear the storage and try with your original number