[FREE/PAID]Secure Notes - private notes, to-do list & events

Name of your app?

  • Secure Notes - private notes, to-do list & events

Describe your app:

Secure Notes is a simple and secure PIN protected notepad for all your notes, memos, messages, emails and to-do lists & special events. It is a free Notepad application without having any ads. You can secure your notes with 4 digit pin.

Secure Notes never leave your privacy, because we 𝗱𝗼𝗻’𝘁 store any data on any server. All of your data will remain in your phone. It’s 100% offline, means there is no possibility to leak your important data.

Last but not the least, Secure Notes will always remain ad-free to provide you the best in-app experience and we’ll keep adding new features in the future. But without your support nothing will be going to be possible. Hope you will like Secure Notes.

Secure Notes app lets you use the following features:
:heavy_check_mark: Simple safe password encrypted notepad!
:heavy_check_mark: Unlimited text size
:heavy_check_mark: Secure private notes
:heavy_check_mark: Secured to-do-lists and checklists
:heavy_check_mark: Calendar view of secure notes
:heavy_check_mark: Free private notes
:heavy_check_mark: PIN protected Notepad app
:heavy_check_mark: Memo Pad

Found any issues?
Contact me here


Demo App link:



  • Buy AIA - ₹250 (INR) ~ $4 (USD)
  • Free version is also available on my aia marketplace

Link of AIA Store


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get that from my aia marketplace.
link is desc :point_down:

@devcafeofficial Once again a new app which is having a fantastic UI and i really loves your UI designing sense i wish that i can also make apps like that . :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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@Aditya_Nanda Thanks for your kind word again. :innocent:
I spend 60-70% time to design app and need only 30-40% time for its functionality. and also need a lot of patience and research.
Glad you liked it :+1: Test the demo then you would love this more for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes of course i will try

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how did you create those screenshots?

I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD

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when will the aia be available?

aia is available throught app, Google Play Link

yeah but aia isn’t available

@Ronnie :point_down: Its a free version Simple Notes
but Secure Notes is paid, simply u can dm me if you want to buy

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Thanks for sharing the information. I got aia through play store link.

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how to buy this app aia file secure notes coming soon

Send pm to developer

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simply DM me

@dora_paz and Kodular team Hello there
I want to explain from my side.
What is actually happened few weeks before this guy @Emre.cicek bought this Secure Notes AIA file from me. as you know you’ll buy any project only when u test its demo right. and demo link is right in the desc of this post. if you use my demo from my play store. and you see there is an option for Search Notes, which is not working. and that guy tested my app before buy. so he knew that. and I gave him AIA as that it is in my demo.
Now he keep messaging me refund him 50%. and I said him I gave you what I showed you in Demo. Nothing more nothing less. and now he’s keep disturbing me in WhatsApp messages.

Above all of that I also said him I’m ready refund your all money back right away. But God promise me he wont use my AIA in any way. but he’s not ready for this too. and now now he’s calling me scammer.
I already sold 20+ times this AIA and none of them argued with me over it.

Thats all from side. I wasn’t active on Kodular as you might know. So, didn’t get time to update. and after all this you, Kodular Team, thinks I do scams over your community, then you may remove my profile. I don’t mind at all.




Do not worry about this @devcafeofficial, you stay focused on your determination… Just block such person in all platforms… We know who you are and your valuable contributions towards our community…

Neither our community or nor your followers will accept you as a scammer

You are not a Scammer just fix it in your mind