KodeKit - A digital platform to Buy or sell Aia files & Extensions

Hi Everyone,
We( @Nanday_Das & @shahrukhabedin ) have created an app where anyone can Sell their aia files, extensions, or any other digital products, Users can buy them as well. Payment gateway of Paytm, UPI & Google Play in-app Purchases are installed. The number of products bought by users will be credited to the respective owner of the Item, Chat Option also added to communicate among the buyers & the seller.

However, Everyone, please check out our App, We made this app to help out all developers, Also if anyone has any suggestions for our app you can let us know

Download Application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hns.kodekit


Please remove the screenshot showcasing an earning app. Kodular doesn’t allow for such apps to be made.


And you have a screenshot with personal info. That is also not allowed.


Is it made with kodular?

Yes its made in Kodular

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Is there a policy? How do I know that you (the devs) won’t access the server and use my AIA without permission nor purchasing?


We 3 are both developers like you​:blush:. We understand the value of anyone’s aia

What proof is there? Where is your legally binding policy?