Explore "Notbad" AIA - A Simple Notepad App with a Clean UI

Hey Kodular Community!

Excited to share the AIA file for “Notbad,” a simple notepad app.


  • Effortless note management.
  • Unique sound feedback for every action.

Important Note:
“Notbad” uses a local database, meaning uninstalling the app removes all data, including notes. Handy info if you plan on tweaking it.

Visual Appeal:

  • Stylish icon.
  • Clean UI for straightforward notetaking.
  • Welcoming splash screen.

Why Notbad?
It’s my debut post, offering simplicity with a touch of style.

For Learning and Customization:
Priced at $7, the AIA file includes the stylish icon and splash screen. Perfect for learning or customizing to fit your style.

How to Get It:
Payment is through Airtm for a secure and seamless transaction. Your support is appreciated as I take this first step.

Negotiable Pricing:
Feel free to reach out with questions or to discuss pricing. Open to finding the right deal for you.

Check out the video

Interested? Let’s Connect:
If a clean notepad app with a personal touch fits your needs, feel free to message me directly.

Looking forward to your thoughts!