[PAID] Pixel Editor Aia Store Full Aia Kit Package

Pixel Editors Aia Store [Main App + Admin App + Guide Video]

Disclaimer :
You will only get the file for this project, and rest of the Aia like Loop Pro,Jobber, Speed News are still paid so if you purchase this Aia file that does not means you will get all paid Aia from Aia store free.


  1. Beautiful Splash screen
  2. Professional Intro Screen
  3. Login & Registration Screen
  4. Beautiful Dashboard with filters
  5. Video Of the Aia and Test App.
  6. Move to the top Button
  7. Watch preview of screenshot by swiping left and right
  8. Security function added
  9. Download popup while downloading the aia
  10. Total downloader of that Aia File.
  11. Username added in the login
  12. You can edit username
  13. Showcase of your project
  14. News Section
  15. Maintenance Screen
  16. Update Popup

Admin App Features:

  1. Add Aia
  2. Edit Aia
  3. Delete Aia
  4. Enable Header
  5. Other Setting


Main App:


Aia Store Test Apk:

Aia Store Admin Apk:
Admin (Only For interested people)

How could I purchase?

  1. DM me

  2. Purchase From Website

  3. Purchase From Aia Store App

Which Database Connected?

  • MYSQL + Airtable

What I will get after purchase?

  • Main app aia
  • Admin app aia
  • Guide Video


Ending with Aia Store Chapter and will Being with new chapter. For Details stay tuned.
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Telegram: Contact @PixelEditorOfficial

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