Cool Glassmorphic UI Designed App

Today i gonna publishing the cool glassmorphic UI designed app. In this app i also added some animations, and when you click on picachu, then picachu will jump and say picachu.


Here is apk link:

If You want to watch tutorial video of this project then click here

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Flotting View
Label Tool
Taifun tool
Shadow extension for kodular
Phase Animation

This is not fully functional app. this app only made for educational purpose. and my intention is to motivate new developer for design. an this aia is absolutely free]


Cool design :+1:

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Give the direct link to download the aia, Not promote your app in the sense of download aia file.


i am not making promotion of my youtube channel, i am only spreading the knowledge at correct place. watch the tutorial and try yourself.


why do you want aia?

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In which sentence, I wrote for promotion.

I just said do give direct link to the aia instead of giving the aia store’s link.

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Awesome, but this is what I get on my phone:

The signup button is cut.

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@Xoma Thanks i will take a look

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i am not providing aia for this project. i am only recommending my aia store app, and i am recommending in each post. and please read this :point_down: :point_down:

I updated app, please check same drive link. and let me know