NewsX - News App with admin panel (paid aia)

App Name: News ( NewsX) App

Platform: Kodular

Admin Panel:


  1. Best Icon and splash screen
  2. Sidebar with Home, Send Feedback, Share App, Contact Us, Rate Us, More Apps, Privacy Policy and an exit button
  3. slider shows trending news
  4. Categories
  5. Recent News
  6. Show news list with the title, date of news published and categories
  7. Admin Panel
  8. Add Categories with admin panel with name and icon
  9. Add news with admin panel
  10. Best Ui

[[Download App]]

aia file available on

Developer: ajdeveloper and aiacart


Argh… :rofl:


They are both very biased opinions :slight_smile:


hello i purchased the app but the aia file wont open after importing, Screenshot_28
its stuck on this screen for over an hour

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hey @Abdala_Emam something gone wrong maybe use this website -

thank you, the AIA file is botched, not sure why
no screens or anything at all in it.

Refresh the page… Then import again.

the aia file is botched, its empty on the inside, not sure if its a mistake im waiting for a reply from OP

sent him a message waiting for reply

so its been a day and no reply in here or in pm? so does that mean its a scam?

he was last seen in community 9 december 2020