Professional News app Full Package

Speed News- [Main app + Admin App + Guide videos]

Hi, Today i am going to introduce you with the speed news app. This app contain the following features:

Maintenance screen

Main Features:

  1. Splash screen
  2. Login and Registration screen (OTP system, Forgot password)
  3. Professional dashboard
  4. Dynamic category
  5. Clean Preview of the blog
  6. Profile screen
  7. More options (Privacy policy, Terms & condition, Contact us, Follow on social media)
  8. Maintenance screen
  9. Push Notification
  10. Update popup
  11. Search the news

Admin app:

  1. Total users
  2. Details of each user
  3. Add the news
  4. You can splash the news as breaking news
  5. Update app from admin app
  6. Switch app to maintenance


Admin App Screenshots:

Test details for login:

Mobile no: 0987654321 (This is not my mobile number, this number is reverse of from 0 to 1)
Password: Speednews123

About Database:
For login and registration - Firebase
For Data- Airtable

Apk Files:


499 Rs - For UPI

10$ - For Paypal

What i will get this in package?

Ans: You will get the Aia of Main app + Admin app + Explanatory

If you wanted the Aia of youtube app, Wallpaper app, E-commerce app, Movies pro app, Deephost app aia,ect… then download Aia store app

[NOTE: If you are interested in it then PM me]


The design is truly perfect​:+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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truly speed

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Great App,
I loved the UI… :smiley:

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Great ! The UI is nice :ok_hand:

For the test apk, you can remove the login screen. I would not give my personal info like phone number to test the app.

And you would like to tell which database you have used. Where are the blogs stored/hosted.


Thanks, yes sure i will disclose it

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Google is changing how they deal with news apps. So before you make one or buy one read the below carefully.


Thanks @Peter for the info. Maybe It is necessary to create a new subthread with all the new changes and news so all members are updated by reading the information in one place. It’s just an idea.


Everyone who has an Google Play developer account gets this information in his inbox.


You are correct once again but not all developers have a Play Store account, most developers start by making the app and then have a Google Play account. I think this is the reason why many apps are rejected by the Play Store. Then they ask in the community why their app was rejected.

I apologize this post has nothing to do with the topic …

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I was the one who went off topic :wink: