[Paid] Dynamic Blog/News App + admin app

What is the name of your app?

Blog/news app

Describe your app:

This app has been created on kodular.fully depends on airtable database.this app has been cool ui. You can added anything in post (photos/vedios etc) without any paid storage
& turbo boost added to load images & list

Oh i forgot about it! Many many thanks to them who help me to create this app properly. Such an great community with great people
I specially i want to say thanks to


App Store/Download link:

Not available yet playsore

AIA file (Optional)

Aia file is paid
Pm me for aia

Now available admin app also


nice work, keep it up.


What if I dont want documentation :smirk:

Tnx for contribution. You help me very much

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nice job :ok_hand:

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Your extension work for example with wordpress? Current version work stable?

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There is nothing related to extension in here. This thread is about the app and its aia

i want to make app using wordpress. If your aia working for wordpress then i interested to buy it.
please give me more information and tell how much your aia.

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For more information contact the user through PM


I have one question? If this app with admin goes in public and the users uploaded his or her own news.how to know which user uploaded that kinds of news?and how to get user itself uploaded data in his or her timeline or in his or her profile layout?.

I didn’t creat any profile system. & admin app for only admin

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i can buy this is aia file plz contact

Hi please send your email id

Cheak. I pm you

Please i want to buy your aia project file what should i do? this is my email :

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how to buy this help

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