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Rate this app home screen ui,must be say about this custom sidebar.[apk & aia coming soon]


Nice one AIA please.

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Some days left to complete this project.wait & see

Good job. Continue…

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Good, but need a little UI improvements

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Very Very good , interface Very good

it’s almost similar to my app, great your app, congratulations, keep it up and you will be a great developer


Suggest me plz what need to change

Nice ui.which extention you used

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thank you very much i used this extension

Custom Design ListView

Download -


Do you plan on using Api?

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First most thing remove sidebars (which is pink in colour)

No but if anyone want then they can.i am using airtable right now. If you want you can tell me

In sidebar where you find pink color.

i would love that
can you do it?

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Yeah i can,which website

That’s domain on sale.which type website was that

Oh ok.i remove it.then