News app (Animations + Auto news + UI + etc) (Paid)

News app: Auto news means that we don’t have to add news, it will be added on it’s on via newsapi. App is fully dynamic and some paid extensions & services are used in it. So to keep price low & due to security reasons, I am only selling its APK and not the source code (aia).
You can use your own newsapi from NewsApi (which have limitations) OR you can use my newsapi (which is unlimited).

You can also check other apps made by me or can buy these apps & extensions from AppDev: Aia & Extension store



Download link:

Google Drive

You can buy this app from = AppDev OR you can message me on kodular to directly buy it from me.


With Free Newsapi (With newsapi limitations) =

  • only aia = ₹ 1699 OR $25
  • only apk = ₹ 1099 OR $17

With Paid Newsapi (No limitations) =

  • only apk = ₹ 2999 OR $43

Extension Used for Image = Image extension



already mentioned here

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Hello, first of all your application is great :100:

My question is, how did you make the settings screen in the video where you introduced the application? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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@FIKIR_KUMESI i think it is made with floating view extension

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with custom dialogue extension

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nice But How did you AdMob Banner After 6List Item

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use dynamic extension for that

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how Can you explain

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I have so many questions.

How did you do all of this animation including the logo in the splash screen
Also, the animation between screens the picture flying from top.

I would suggest you sell the project without the api because users would want to duplicate what you have done in different projects.

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Very good app where to contact with u ?

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Please check your inbox

First and foremost I appreciate what you did from your end and knowledge that you currently have concerning newsapp is the best and supper.

However, sencondly I am not critisizing you but I think you made this for your own fun learning and education purpose and if so I wonder why do you sell it and it is only apk which contains your own AdMob Ads and you sell it for $43 :joy: seriously?

I have downloaded your apk and what I find there it is not something professional I expected instead I was thinking to find something like this.

take a look at this operanews

if you didn’t do this for your own learning practice then try to modify it with country categories and show trending news etc I will real buy it and please don’t sell me an apk because for what you call security if you afraid of being hacked yet even in the apk a smart hacker can surprise you with what you didn’t expect and think can’t be done within an apk.



thanks for your compliments and suggestions. Yes it was like an experiment for me to learn new things :sweat_smile:

I think I did something wrong in the price segment. I will surely going to modify it.
I am using newsapi in this app (its free api service have lots of limitations) and that $43 price is only for the app in which you will get NO limitations. And because of the security reasons I am selling only it’s apk. In this $43 version, I will add your ads and will modify the app according to your needs. It’s just the demo which I have provided above.
On the other hand if you want to use your own newsapi api, then I can sell both apk as well as aia. And because you are using your own api here, it will cost less.
Because newsapi free version have limitations, adding languages and different countries will further decrease it’s limitation. But like I said I will modify it according to your needs.

Also, I have already added 6 countries and will add more in future. I am still updating this app and making it better but I am busy right now in e-commerce app that’s why I am unable to update the post with updated version.

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ok tell me how much will you sell it to me if you implement all countries with their own trending news etc.

make it simple like opera news don’t put those animations etc.

for now I can’t bcoz I am really busy in other project


Features added =

  • 6 different countries added [India, Australia, France, Russia, UK and USA]
  • To load news faster, first only 10 news will be loaded in the list and as the user reaches the end next 10 news will be loaded
  • Admob ads added
  • Dynamic admob banner ads added in the list
  • Bugs fixed
  • You can load different category news according to the country selected
  • News will be loaded in the respective language of that country
  • Translate to English option is also added
  • No Internet/No connection error screen added


Demo app: Google drive


I also use dynamic components extension but whenever i call data from google spreadsheet or Airtable spreadsheet it will take a lot of time to load in screen and sometime the app show ( Apps it’s not responding ) please how can i solve this issue to load data faster by Airtable or google spreadsheet with dynamic components extension without any error and without too much time.