[PAID] Resize Image Online In RealTime

With This Extension You Can adjust Your Online image And Cache It Too
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Extension Is very Simple And Easy To Use Too.
About This Extension-

So This Is Main Image
and See Video What Can Be Done To Image Without My and With My Extension.

You Can Get Desired Shape Of Image Of Online databse App Without Editing it.

for Your Easy: See This Image App Made By using My Extension

1.Control Over Image Dynamically
2.Fast Image Processing
3.Cache system Available
4.Fine Image Quality [Even In Slow Network]
5.Optional [any component Over image]

Interested One Can DM Me
Price 9.5$ ,Inr 600
[Recommend]Extension More Useful For App Like NewsApp ,Status Video, Movies App,Games Type App etc…


page edited To Clear You More

I don’t think anyone would pay that much for an image resizing extension and also there are free extensions available for that
Btw, congrats for your extension


Yeah No Problem :slight_smile: I Think You didnt understand What It Does Thanks For Feedback! :slight_smile:

thank you for your contribution
please remember the naming conventions…

method names follow the UpperCamelCase convention, which means, the correct method name would be OverImage, also let me suggest ro rename the extension name from Img to Image



link please

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You can search in taifun’s website

I also want to see this​:blush:

please first understand this extension and then only suggest something else,
this extension is different from what you are thinking, what you are think is only for offline images, but this extension can do that in online images without any delay and with no lagging or limitations

suppose you want to use this ONLINE image in your app in a list

but you only want to use 50% of its height. here you can do 3 things =

  1. Edit this image in your desirable height and then upload it in your data base
  2. Download this image in the device of your user, then get it from the storage of your user, then edit/crop it in that 50% height and then show it in the list
  3. You can use this extension. Using this extension, whatever image you load from online will be converted to the height of the component where you are showing/loading this image.

1st and 2nd method will be time consuming and the 2nd method will make your app laggy and it will take lot of time to crop every ONLINE image then then show/load them in your list.

Ex = You want to use only 50% of this image, so just decrease the height of the component in which you are showing/loading this image and height of this ONLINE image will automatically becomes that of the height of that component.

If you decrease component height without using this extension, then you will get something like this

here you can see that your whole image will be loaded in that component and image will shrink in order to fill that component

If you load this image in image component, without using this extension =

here image height will remain same, but in order to do that your image not able to fill the whole image component

Also using this extension, if you decrease your image height/width then size (in kb, mb, gb ,etc) of your image will also decrease. Means now image will load faster and takes less data to load.


Sounds good, but the developer hasn’t made a proper documentation for each of the block used, so users won’t be able to understand its complete use


yes I agree with you, developer should make a proper documentation

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So you’re having people pay for an extension where you simply download an image via URL, save it to local storage, and set it to have the index higher than one of a components?

True, But I Am Weak In English LMAO​:joy:

you also didn’t get it

yes what you are saying is true, but what will you do if you want to load lots of images which is not saved in your database or you cannot modify them

like that of a news app, in my News app I am using newsapi, from where I got url of the images, but here I cannot modify those images to make them fit according to the size of my component

so I can use this extension and this extension will modify/edit/crop those images automatically, without any delay, according to the size of that component where I am loading those images


Ah, thanks for clearing it up!


Great extension :+1:t2:

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Great Extension but this can be done using my free extension and for caching images your can use universal image loader


Not possible as you think! Try it…

I already tried your extension for ONLINE images and it didn’t worked for me

maybe I was doing something wrong. Can you post an example of your extension for ONLINE images?

I haven’t tried it yet with online images but it should work. I will try and let you know