[FREE] Image Utility - Extension for async image loading, caching and scaling


The "Image Utility" is a free kodular extension that offers a range of powerful features for image handling, including image loading, caching, and scaling. This handy tool is designed to enhance the browsing experience by optimizing image display on websites, making images load faster, and providing additional functionality for image management.

With the Image Utility extension, users can expect improved image-loading performance and efficiency while browsing the app. The extension works seamlessly in the background to optimize image loading, caching frequently accessed images to reduce load times, and scaling images for optimal display on different devices and screen sizes.


  • loadingStarted
When the image starts loading. src returns the URL of the image.

  • loadingCompleted
When the image is loaded. src returns the URL of the image.

  • progressUpdate
While the image is loading. src returns the URL of the image, returns the current size of the image in bytes, and total returns the total size in bytes of the loaded image.

  • loadingFailed
When the image failed to load. src returns the URL of the image.

  • saveCacheImage
When the image is stored in storage. path returns the file directory & src return URL of the image.


  • imageScale
With this module, you can set the scale type of the image component.

  • LoadImageAsync
This method loads the image asynchronously into the image component. The image will be scaled when it is loaded.

  • LoadArrangementAsync
This method loads the image Asynchronous in into the vertical/horizontal arrangement component.

  • saveCacheImage
This method extracts the image from the cache. Saves to a directory of your choice.
Note: This method works only if WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is granted and the cached image 

  • imageCache
This method loads the image asynchronously into the image without displaying it.

  • imageCacheDelete
This method deletes an image from the cache.

  • ImageExists
This method returns true if the image is in the cache, and false if the image is not in the cache.

  • clearCacheDisk & clearCacheMemory
This method clears the Disk and Memory Cache.


  • cacheDisk & cacheMemory
With these properties, you can set whether to cache disk and memory.

  • scaleAutomatic
Through these Properties, we can set whether the image will be scaled when it is loaded.

  • scaleType
Through these Properties, we can set image scaling type.

File Info

Name: com.badcode.imageutility.aix
Version: 0.0.1
Size: 208 KB
Developer: BADCODE


Good extensions provide more functionality and try to reduce the size of the extension. Otherwise, the extension is very very impressive. good work :bangladesh:

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Thank you for your contribution
Please follow the naming conventions


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how to edit my own post, not show any option

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I can’t find the extension. please provide a valid link to download the extension

To download the extension go to our official website, the download option is given below the post of that extension

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That is good but i have a question which library you are using because this extension is a bit like the Image loader by @DevYB

And i think you are copy code of this extension and make new extension with rename the blocks.

yes, it is 85% like " DevYBImage loader". but, I’m adding more new functions to this extension.
#better image processing


there is no AIX file in the link