Async image loader not working with dynamic image component under certain circumstances

Hi All,

I’m trying to create dynamic images and load them asynchronously. I tested the functions on small scale, and it worked; but it stopped working when I tested it on a larger scale.

The issue is not that of lag, since the images don’t load even after waiting 10 minutes.
I tried researching on this wonderful community, but couldn’t find anything.
I’m trying to not use any extensions, but I’m open to trying them if no other option presents itself.

Screenshots are from the apk installation, not Companion.

Images from my small scale test:

Please note that in the Initialize screen method, there is only one line - Summaries.getcolumn(Image Link)
Summaries is an airtable.

Use Dynamic Components Extension by @yusufcihan.
Link :
[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 - Extensions - Kodular Community

And for loading image async. you can use Image loader by @DevYB.
[F/OS] Image Loader - Extension for image loading and caching - Extensions - Kodular Community

Guides related to Dynamic Component Extension :

  1. Search results for ‘dynamic component guides’ - Kodular Community
  2. 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide - #119 by The_K_Studio
  3. How to Create Any Design Using Dynamic Components Extension - Guides - Kodular Community

— Try This Extension as you cant load image asynchronously using default Kodular’s dynamic image extenson—
—And if you feel any problem then you can reply me —


Use load image block from any components. It will worked.

Hi Sneha,
Thank you for your response.
That said, I have to invoke a meme here.
“How many other lies have I been told by the council?” -Anakin Skywalker, in the Clone wars
Do you know of any other inbuilt methods which don’t work properly? So that I can avoid banging my head for 2 days over these…

Hi Shuvo,
I haven’t understood what you meant.
Could you please clarify, hopefully, with some blocks?

@Darshan_Varier The work you have done using the inbuilt component here can be done in 5 minutes using Dynamic Component extension.

As I already said you cant use image asynchronously using the inbuilt component.
This can be done in 5 minutes but why I don’t make an aia for you ?
Because I want user not to copy but learn the Kodes. Learn the methods. Learn the loops. And there is enough guides in Community to learn about the dynamic component extension.

Don’t you think ImageUtilities has an LoadImageAsync block? :thinking:
Probably you misunderstood it as an extension.

I mean we cant load Image Asynchronously in the Inbuilt Dynamic Image Component.

Inbuilt component means inbuilt dynamic image component :smiley:

omg I’m so sorry; I didn’t want you to make an aia for me.
I used the extension and have already completed that bit of the Kode.
Both the dynamic components extension and the image loader extension that you mentioned, worked like a charm.
I feel there is some lag issue, but that is probably due to sub-optimal kode, which I intend to fix soon enough anyway (if I can’t do it after struggling for a few days, I’ll post on this forum again)
I have an obsession with trying to use the inbuilt blocks as far as possible (my superstition has it that extensions cause lag); but that is precisely what got me to waste a lot of time looking for a non-existent solution.
I meant to ask if there are any other such instances, where the inbuilt methods are clearly bugged or inferior in processing speed. That would save me a lot of time in future.

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use this, its working…

Eh, they can if they’re highly unmaintained and poorly developed.

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