How to scale your Images with ImageScale Extension

So today we will be taking a look at the power of this simple extension that takes in an image and simply sets its scale type to the provided scale type. BTW this should be available as a built in image property in kodular and other online app builders as it is just two to three lines of code. Just a suggestion. Lets start.

First I have created a very very simple layout. I have three images placed one above the other in a vertical scroll arrangement with spacing.

Annotation 2020-12-27 220908

Then in the blocks section we have a data variable that stores reference to image components and their respective image url that we will be loading using Async Image Loader. You can find the link to this extension below. Its a really awesome extension. If you haven’t tried it yet then make sure to give it a try. Thanks to @DevYB for this extenson.

And here is the result that we get. First we will take a look at result without Image Scale extension.

And here is the result with Image Scale extension

The extension works with both Local and Online images. As you can see in the results that we have loaded images from internet.

And here you can download Image Loader

Download Aia file : ScaleImages.aia (221.5 KB)

Hope you found this simple tutorial helpful. Enjoy and if you have any extension ideas then let me know. I will try my best. Thanks Happy :kodular:oding

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