FoodX- Food Delivery App with Admin Panel ( Paid aia )

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Nice Application
Medium Quality UI


Good Work :heart:

I don’t think that everytime he make the app/aia

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I made the purchase of the file, who can I contact to receive the file?

PM @shubhamatole22

I thinks user can send PM Trust Level 0.
@shubhamatole22 PM to @Netinho

You dont gate aia file automatically ?

i try your apk…there are lots of bug…and…lack to much…

He purchases from another person and sells here sometimes.

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Nice App. I’m testing the APK . Thank you

Nice and user-friendly

don’t buy,
there is no support.

in addition, there are errors.


Same here
I bought a wallpaper app, it didn’t work.
I tried to contact them and still no answer, this is a scam.

Don’t Buy!!!

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I cant test the app. Tester here @Phillipines

the guy who is selling this project is not active
so it’s better not to buy anything for now from him

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yes, the owner stole 7 dollars from me.
don’t buy it, it doesn’t have support, I even paid a fee to support it and it was really hog.


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I hope Mods close this topic soon…