FoodX- Food Delivery App with Admin Panel ( Paid aia )

App Name: Food Delivery app ( FoodX )

Platform: Kodular


  1. Lottie File with Splash screen
  2. Sign in with an email and google
  3. Add location
  4. The homepage has a dynamic category of food, trending food
  5. Search food from the whole app
  6. Show the time to require to deliver food
  7. Wishlist
  8. sidebar
  9. orders, cart, privacy policy, logout
  10. delete the product from the cart
  11. price, quantity and food details
  12. add to wishlist
  13. payumoney and cash on delivery option
  14. address
  15. admin panel
  16. show delivery status
  17. connected to airtable and firebase

Extra Images

Admin Panel

[[[Download Apk]]]

aia file available on :

Developed by Easy Developer and Aiacart


Nice Application
Medium Quality UI


Good Work :heart:

I don’t think that everytime he make the app/aia

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