[PAID] tanQyou- The Education App Aia

Today i am going to present you tanQyou the education app this app contain the following features the attractive features are:-

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1) Maintenance screen

2) Graph In report Card

3) Prime videos & Attractive design.

Main app contain the following features:-

  1. Professional Splash Screen
  2. Attractive Introduction screen
  3. Login & Signup
  4. Professional Dashobard
  5. Quiz
  6. Notes
  7. Review of questions in MCQ
  8. Mock Test
  9. Previous Years Papers
  10. Buy Membetship contain the video lectures
  11. App Update popup
  12. News regarding education
  13. Share the app
  14. Push Notification
  15. Maintenace Screen
  16. Share the news on social sides.
  17. Group Discussion
  18. Contact Us

Admin App contains the following features:-

  1. Total Users
  2. Edit the users Details
  3. Delete Uers account
  4. Post news from admin
  5. Add Prime User
  6. Delete Prime users
  7. Update the main app
  8. Switch main app to maintenance

Test Apk File:

What i will get?

Main App Aia + Admin App + Guide Videos + Support after buy (If you stuck or you get any error while connecting the app)

Database Used:-

Airtable Database

Any Paid Extension?
Not any paid extension

Is this supported to Kodular Fenix?

For Priceing and more details go here:

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Download from aiastoreshop


Attractive UI :+1:

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You’ve created an amazing UI…

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Thanks @ramrajput200021 and @Kshitij

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Great UI
can somebody tell me how you guy get ideas of these kinds of design. btw Awosome design @Earn_Money_online

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Thanks @Masoom

Great ui design.

Thanks @ashishthakoor58

Thank you for your Intro. But can u help me with a question? How can you get multiple values in Airtable with (Call method and Event Got Cell value)? when I get 1 cell, it is easy. But if I get some cells at the moment, I don’t know how to get them.

so use get column block, its going off topic. i am leaving pm you.

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dear friend if u cant invest money to buy app, make one yourself, community will help you in your doubts


@Mohd_Sameer1 try to make app by your own. few past ago i was like you. but i tried and community help me a lot. now i can make a proper app with the help of kodular community. you try atfirst then we will help you.

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Now this aia also support Kodular Fenix

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New Update available:

  1. UPI System added
  2. Airtable token replace
  3. Data will load fast now.

Updated Apk:

For more information visit this link:

------ Or -------

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