[PAID] Professional Wallpaper app Aia

Wallpapers App

What you get from wallpapers app?

  • Clean UI and UX
  • Wallpapers in grid
  • Preview of wallpapers
  • You get the option to set the wallpaper on home screen, Lock screen, Both the screen
  • App update Notifire
  • Push Notification

How this app is looks like?

What is the price of the aia file?

10$ Only

After i buy what i get?

After you buy this aia then you get Aia as well as the benefit of after sales and services means i will guide you until you not satisfied.

Test Apk File:

How can i get this Aia?

If you want the Aia then PM me or if you have any query about this app then also pm me i will guide you.

There have any interesting Aia for free or paid?

If any other interesting aia like youtube, e-commerce app, deephost like aia, Neumorohic digital clock, Dream 11 like listview,Movies or streaming app and custom bottom nevigation then you might be download the official app Aia store from community. and if you have doubt then you get my contact address in the aia store app.

Is this support kodular fenix?

Very good UI . Can u please told me what are you using to load this data like dynamic components or any other

I used @yusufcihan dynamic components extension as well as modular dynamic card view and dynamic image components

Okay but as per my experience now dynamic components is not good because it takes a lot of time of you have a data above 50+
It it waste now to use dynamic components while load much data .
And in wallpaper app there’s much data to load .

Try it yourself if this fact is true or not :wink:

If you don’t load images from online sources, then creating a lot of components will take less time. And if you want to display images in components just use Async Image Utilities so it won’t block the rest of the app.

Their have one of the way that load data fast check my e commerce app in which I load 150 + product and it take 6 to 7 sec

It’s not true​:sweat_smile:

How can u load much data in less second is there any trick

Yes don’t use select image in picture use load image asynchronous component

In this demo apk it takes 5 sec to load 5 image. And the screenshot also dosen’t match the demo apk.

Can you upload the apk which has features like screenshot.

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Sorry I hope I gave wrong apj file. Wait i will be replaced this ,thanks for talking me.this is nit apl of this

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Hey, i replace the app please check it out.

Nice, but it takes some time.
From where did you load images api or database.

As i said before the dynamic components have a issue i opened this app many times and it takes 15-20 sec in first time and then in next time it takes much time to load and sometimes not load even my data is 100kb/s + .


This is not responding

2. The app might not responding 1 time please fix these issues then sell Not a hate comment just a feedback :grinning:.

What’s good in app
But you have do much great things like animation while scrolling and app UI is much great than many wallpaper app who has million of Downloads .

As i said before don’t take it hate review i just gave feedback so you can improve the app

airtable database

Thanks i am working on it i not use this logic that i told you , if i used that login the their is an problem with size

I can’t understand what you said but told me why you put login method what the profit to user while they login ?
And in which logic you not work

if i use this logic then it take few sec but their is have an problem with sizing. if you look my aia store app or Loop e-commerce app then in e-commerce app product take few seconds to load.
and now about the login because you should know that how much users are in your app that’s why

Don’t go to app sizing if the app size is increased by 1 mb so it quiet not bad but the user experience must matter. I hope you understand

Yes, but please elaborate