Attendance System

Always wanted to create an attendance system? This app is for marking whether the student is absent or present or can be used to mark any teacher’s time using your wish… It creates the system dynamically, use airtable, google sheets or link any database and store the attendance instead of paper-based system. I have used @yusufcihan extension dynamic components to create this app. If you want the aia then PM me, the price of the aia is $5



Apk : Attendance.apk (5.1 MB)


This is the second time i change your category. If you sell something use Marketplace Sell.

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OK thank you

This is just a layout or it saves daily attendance in database date wise?

Can user see previous attendance data within the app?

Users can do both…After getting data just set the text of cardview to absent or present using index value so can be used to show data also and to mark also

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And for saving data in a database, we can just upload those who are absent so it saves space as there are quite low chances that many are absent so can use create new row fro airtable to store data

The app I have ready, with the UI still missing, the student himself uses his app, reads the Qrcode of the class that day and his presence in the class is generated. MySQL + PHP+ Kodular


We can expect this from you, as you are a teacher. :grinning:

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I checked few topics in koded app category they are also selling their aia so how come they are putting it in koded app category?

That’s because we didn’t watch it enough. Thanks for reporting.

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I suggest to make a
Mark all sudents as Present/Absent/Cancel


That’s it​:confused:.& the totoal result will be??

For what ?

You have tutorial of this app

I created based on the database I have of a school system (public school).
Students use the app to read the QRCode of the class and record attendance.

@Soham_Shah u did something good
i have one suggestion instead of showing a popup for marking present or absent make two buttons in list one for present other for absent and remove mark button it will become more user friendly

OK thanks for the suggestion

One question: presence and absence on which day, in which class and in which school subject (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry …)?


That is all upon user as he wants but nice suggestion ill add this whenever im free

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