Neumorphic Digital Clock App

Neumorphic Digital Clock App

Neumorphisum is a trend in Ui desgin. so i thought why we not try it on kodular so i successfully made it.

Here is a screenshots of the app

Download apk :
Neumorphic Digital Clock App

Download Aia :
Neumorphic Digital Clock App Aia
Download from Aia store


Please provide a single click download to the AIA


You just used background images

I request Kodular allow to set Cardview elevation in negative numbers
Elevation= -5

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This Website may be helpful
It gives CSS code
We can use it in web viewer
But I don’t know how to use it in Webviewer
Can anyone say how to implement this?

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Use the created CSS code inside your html, enter as tags or create a CSS file and call it in your HTML.

I know that we should use CSS code in HTML and load it in Webviewer
I don’t know HTML
But I know how HTML looks and its structure and some basic knowledge
Can you give an example HTML Code?

HTML It is a set of tags that “draw” a page to run in the browser.
Nowadays, we have frameworks for that. Bootstrap is the most famous.

How to make that Square/Circle in HTML?
Use Bootstrap Framework

But what’s the use of that?

Nothing, it’s only trend design in ui design industry