[PAID] NeuMorphZ - Introducing Neumorphic CardView

App Inventor uses AndroidX, so why wouldn’t it work with AI2?

I was experimenting with the extension, replicated the Onyx Note Design :grin:

Thinking of updating the onyx Note with the neomorphic design !


You need to check this with the compiled app (APK).

Why do you ask me?

Note: Kodular is still using the Support library.

I ask you because you said the extension doesn’t work with AI2 when they use AndroidX. Is this extension using Support libraries, or AndroidX libraries?

And I’m very aware Kodular still uses Support libraries, I’m not that blind.

… I’m going to assume the extension uses Support libraries or doesn’t use any type of library and there’s just an internal issue.

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i also were developed app on this topic. plz take a look on that too.
Btw Nice extension. :star_struck: Neumorphic is 2020 trend now in 2021 glassmorphism on trend :zipper_mouth_face:


I already checked that, it’s just images :eyes:

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@bodymindpower and @hammerhai
First of all there is no problem of androixX lib and there is a simple error regading a block of code
it will be fixed soon :sweat_smile:
btw that’s working fine :-


this is for other users they don’t see my post

Ok, but why should it only affect AI2 and not Kodular?
Let’s see …

answered you in pm

Ok, now it works with AI2 too.
So I cannot use this extension with another account.
(As long as this is not registered in the extension?)

No you can’t

These should not return 1, 2, 3, but true / false:

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there will be more effect like concave convex pressed thats why given values intead of true/false

it will be in update with above mentioned effect

Why should that help that you know the number of an effect.
I want to know what effect is currently being used

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I am handling it programatically

Same as given name

Look at my blocks …
Ain’t it clear what i mean?