AiaStore 2.0 [New Marketplace] to Sell Or Download Aia & Extension

In 2020 I were launch the Professional AiaStore App on kodular community. On that app and especially on all products that i have built i got good response. later on i realise that many developer wanted to publish their Aia & Extension file on my AiaStore app. But at that time their is no such way to do it so. thats why in 2023 i were decided to launch marketplace for other creator and i were started working on it. and in feb 2024 i release beta website and now i am launching the website.

I were started the AiaStore from community and now i also starting the Aiastore 2.0 from community.

So in version1 i am focusing on Aia, Extension & Figma Template and in next version i will add more categories as well.


What benefit will you get as a creator?

  1. :money_mouth_face: Earn From Paid Products

→ Here you can publish your product and can start earning out from this

  1. Monetize free product

→ We are promoting your store products below to your free product. so create quality free product and indirectly promote your paid product.

  1. No Commission

→ We not charge any commission on withdraw amount

  1. Flexible withdrawal

→ If you got 1 rupees order then you can withdraw full 1 rupees with no cap and no commision.

*If you are aia developer or extension developer you can start publishing your aia on Aiastore. after registering you as creator we will send you the welcome message along with that we will provide you badges, and will get access of Aiastore promo video to use in your tutorial videos

Hope you will show positive response to your fellow creator.

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