Can you make a extension gallery and free Aias projects gallery?

My suggestion to improve Kodular, make a gallery with all the extension (developers can add their own extensions, free or paying version), in the paying versions Kodular may has a commission, it can help the monetitation of the web.
The second gallery with free Aias samples, made by Kodular’s users. With the description of what every one does and screenshots.
This can be a good way to organize extension in one place and to share aias to help new user to start.

We already have a platform where you can host your extensions and projects. It’s called the Kodular Store. Feel free to check it out at


ok, that’s very good. Thanks by the link.

Then my suggestion is only add one button to this link in the Kodular environment. :smiley: That’s a good help for all.


I’m looking this store and it only has for apks and extensions, and I don’t see any extensions, just 1. It means is it new ? or people is not using ?
My with aias gallery is for share code, the people can share their owns projects to help other people to use Kodular and solve doubts.

IIf you need I can help you with php & sql database to register the data.

Not many of our users know about the Store, which is why there are few projects/extensions listed there.

We have plans to add more features to the Store, so do keep an eye out for announcements :smile:


Ok, I understand. I think it must be more clear to the users in the control panel, with one simple button linking this store may be a good option.
And include the free Aia projects in this store too. Just another database, all the rest is done, easy to do there.

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Ok, I have tried this store and I see the Aia’s option in the apks. That’s right, it’s all done. Good to know it.

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