Trying to create extention + aia Store

So I was thinking of making an app like a play store where developers can share their project or extension paid or free. and can list the all best projects as playstore does. So is it a good idea to do or not? mean will kodular approve for this?

I also have same idea but for websites where all community will provide there paid or free projects, extensions, graphics, banners, animations or more.

You can make app like aia store but kodular will not approve it for ads as it didn’t suitable. You can make app without ads.

I don’t need to use ads what I was saying is will kodular approve my app for distributing aia and aix ?

I was thinking about the same thing but in a form of app.

Just search community, you can find many developers who have developed apps to sell their free and paid aia files & I’m also one of them :sweat_smile:

Hello @ramrajput200021 which fonts have you used in your splash screen please tell they are amazing

well who knows maybe my version will be more improved or worse it’s not a bad thing to try to build it.also i think it’s comes to ui and other ki features which you can provide in your app.

Good luck & hope you will create awesome app.

Thanks and i hope you will also like the app and might work with me to improve it even further

this is the what i have design so far.


I was thinking to make web. Because most users use pc so web is easy to use both pc and mobile users. I am ready to pay hosting and domain cost even I already have hosting only domain needed. Think about it if we can make. Then we will start project together and anyone wana join us then anyone can join. :thinking:

This is like play store

Yes but has some my own twist you will see it when it’s get completed.

Ok, which database do you using?

I was thinking of using MySQL but thot it would be much more optimize if I use firebase and airtable. Also I don’t have to worry about bandwith because I have developed a way to reduce 60% less bandwith.
Also for storage I have other platforms in mind.

It’s not like I’m going to use every thing for free it’s just when the get’s more popular then I will make sure to buy all the database witch is required for this project.

And all the projects witch will be posted by Devlopers me and my team/friends will review them for any issues so that other can get the best out of there downloads.

I have thought about many things so all I have to do now is start implementing into this project.

Alright let’s see what you gonna do.

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