How to make an app store?

Hi :kodular:oders,
This is Kshitij. Actually I want to make an app in which people can post apk of their apps. Is it possible in Kodular. If yes then please give me some idea like what extensions I can use or what kind of design is possible etc.
Thanks for taking out time to read my query…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

maybe u can make some apk’s using activity starter

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Two Extension APK Installer + APK Store Designer By DeepHost
One Component FirebaseStorage Or FTTP (Extra Components For Extra Design)

Your APK Store Is Ready

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Yep, its Possible in Kodular :grin:

Giving You a Workaround.

  • Use Dynamic Components Extension for Different Listview.

  • MySQL or any other Database for storing/Getting Data.

  • Cloudinary/Firebase OR your website to store images.

  • And First try with basic and eventually increase features.

Most Important Logic :kodular: !!!


Thanks to all…
@themaayur @Ekansh_Pandit @Srrazmi

Can anyone tell me how much free storage is there in firebaseDB.

The Developer dosn’t provide support for his extensions. So I and community will recommend you not to use them. And Discussions related to then is also not allowed.

I know that…
Is there any alternative…

Better than this, Yes
Develope your own extension according to your need :upside_down_face:

Can I?
Do I need to learn programming for this…

For Developing Extensions, you need knowledge of Java.

You can also refer guides on Community and Open Source Projects.

I don’t know JAVA I am learning Python at the moment. Am just 12 in 6th grade… :disappointed:

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Why We Need For Support If All Things Is Working Fine ?

Firebase will give you 10 GB storage in free plan but you can only transfer 360 MB per day.


What if I made a big project using his Extension and suddenly got error and he is not supporting to fix it.

And there is not point in discussing it.
So don’t go off topic.

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That’s the point. He is not at all available on community for help…

Thanks for your help…

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If you want to make more better application you have to learn java.

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answer for kodular not java . for extensions it is yess u need java

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Can anyone make an extension if someone asks? For free
Am just asking