Give me an idea for a free extension

I have free time these days, and I would like to help and contribute to the community, so I decided to make a useful and free extension for the community.

  1. Answer this topic by writing your extension idea.

  2. Give likes to the answers that seem like a good idea for an extension.

  3. I’ll try to make the extension that receives the most likes.

Ads extensions not allowed.


An extension for custom card views with full customization…
All corner radius, elevation colour, gradient stroke etc…

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Airtable load their data very slow, when more rows are their, make the extension that will load the airtable rows super fast. If possible :wink:


I recommend to create Instamojo extension.
Instamojo is payment site with api and allows Indian users to make payment from any payment upi app and online banking sites.


*make video editing extension or Scroll Handler.

Scroll Handler. I know this extension has already been created by another developer but there are some problems with that extensions such as scroll current position and max scroll.

What about In App Review extension ??


This extension is already available

Oh yeah . Awesome extension

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paypal alternative extension
because paypal is not used in some countries, if you want an example as in my country, you can make an extension that is valid in every country like skrill.

I think it sounds good. Skril is not a must but just an example but if it is valid in all countries it is better

my country :sweat_smile:
PayPal stopped in the meantime the use of turkey 2 years ago


How about ActionBar Animation, like ActionBar on android google chrome
or Parallax ActionBar.


I also agree with him
if you can then please make a payment extension which works in majority of the countries

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If I must say, this is a must have in the Kodular community. Sure you can simply create this with the Phase Animation extension or something, but it’d be way better to improve on block count and performance over all things.

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my suggestion is that you make ringtone extension, because it is very trending right now, I have an application on it, daily 100 to 150 installs are coming without promotion, but there are some problems inside my application. As if ringtone cannot be set in Android 10, you can create this extension, because it has profit, you can add these futures inside, we able to set ringtone, And set the alarm tone, and set the notification tone, and also set the ringtone on single contact number, and have Android 10 support, thank you very much

I can’t export my app, when I have used Admob Components

but I think you should make a parallax actionbar, because it’s really needed

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This is not the topic to ask.


You are doing great by helping people

Um no I cannot because that would be illegal and I of all people on this community are known to not STEAL from people. You of all people should know this, because you are an extension developer too and I’m sure you would not be happy if your work was stolen when people were supposed to buy it.


A idea could be an extension for use tensforflow models.