Poll for kodular Premium

Dear koder, here I want know, who is agree with kodular premium or freemium. This poll specially for freemium users.All were invited to took part in this poll Please give your true feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Limit of number of extension
  • Increase limit to 10
  • Leave it on 5
  • No limit

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  1. Which is better if not extension limit (Paid/Free)
  • Premium
  • Freemium

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3)Do you want kodular Free for forever

  • Yes
  • No

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  1. Do you agree with this coming update ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


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In my opinion kodular need to to remove extension limit :slightly_smiling_face:


we need at least 7 or 10 extension in free plan …
because if user need notification in app , he need 2 extensions (one signal fix + one signal extension)
if he need database ? need extended database extension
if he need a way to show large data need to 2 extension (recycler + utils) !!
why !!!
we need kodular fremium not premium (please 10 maximum extensions)
i am a student i cant pay like this way … i dont have paybal in my country … @Diego


Same problem with me but wait for @Kodular this update what they do ?
Everyone wanted to increase limit or no limit on extension :cowboy_hat_face:

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I have exams at the university two days ago and I’m trying to finish all the projects and add everything I need. I was sad by the news of moving to Premium


Its too bad but for update​:slightly_smiling_face:.I hope @Kodular do something best for us :grinning::grinning:


Yeah. You are right.

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Hi @Diego please look at this what the other people think about this update.

simply use your commission system for those users who wants everything free… and who want to go paid for 0 commission system simply do that…
also atleast 10 extension should be allowable in free plan… because due to too much bugs are there in kodular like one signal and layout handling , dynamic components we need to use extensions… if you are not able to fix this things or update it… simply increase extension limit to 10 or free…
also you can limit the projects from 10 to 5 its okay… but need to increase extension limit…

already you tubers from India are not in favour with kodular… and i think there are major rate of koders from India… who will start to hate kodular soon… which impact too much…


Why was this vote necessary if it does not decide anything? The votes show that users did not want premium

Apps made by Indians and people from non-Western countries don’t generate significant revenue for Kodular as Google etc rarely supply them with the best and most lucrative ads. There will be an impact if Indian users left, but it will be balanced out by the money Kodular saves on storage and server use / load.

In Egypt, we have every thousand views that may not exceed $0.25 with Admob, but when I switched to Google Ads
For every five thousand views, you get $0.25
I have now subscribed to Premium and I want to add trusted premium components from Kodular in order to eliminate errors with Google Play and stop applications because external components are unreliable

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I have the same problem. My country is under sanctions. And we can not pay the fee because of financial sanctions.
Dear kodular team! Please make it freemium again and increase ads commission.
We’ve used kodular for creating non-profit projects.


I am from Russia, and I have the same problem. The country is under the sanction of the whole world.


Hello everyone, I am also from Russia, but I do not think that clean citizens should suffer because of the sanctions, dear Kodular team, we ask you to leave a commission for advertising or accept money for other payment systems I hope you will see it soon