Forecast to increase the number of extensions ? for free users

Hello, during the migration to the new plans, there was the possibility of increasing the number of extensions or some discount for studies, but so far nothing has been done by the free community.

I understand that it is necessary to give greater support to those who are paying to use kodular, but I also believe that they cannot leave free users without support.

I think increasing it to 10 or 15 extensions would already be a big help, and it shouldn’t be too complicated to make this change.


It sure isn’t, I guess it’s enough to change a couple of numbers, but everything came to nothing, they didn’t give any more announcements, they threw everything overboard and let everyone fix themselves. I’m still waiting for a relaunch with integrated paypal and discounts, but none of that happened, either you pay or you leave

If you have read that topic already, they are already discussing to do this like a week ago. :slight_smile: But I agree, they should increase the limit.

unfortunately that was the impression they left.

It’s been 17 days since this post and unfortunately nothing has been done about it.

17 days for those with student projects on hold is a long time.