Unpleased about premium subscription

I think its unfair for many old kodular users to get ristricted with a premium subscription. The reason i used kodular was because it was for most of things free, and now im only allowed to create only 10 projects. I personally think all of this limits creativity and leaves many kodular users who cant afford a premium subscription behind. Thanks for your understanding.

Yes you are right

It costs money to run a service like Kodular. You contribute no money towards the running costs so instead of complaining you should be grateful you are still getting quite a lot of things for free.

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@deanart2012 With all due respect, I think we all have the right to write our own comments to make kodular better. I don’t want to expand this topic any further and I appreciate your hard work to keep kodular up and running.

Of course you have the right to do so. My point is that Kodular is owned by a private business, it’s not a charity or funded by grants. Since Kodular is making a loss, “everything free forever” has had to end.


You can always use App Inventor 2 which is totally free.
If you are using Kodular as a hobby or educational tool, the free subscription should be enough for you.
If you are using it to create commercial apps, you can’t expect to have a business without investing in it, or buying your professional tools to run it. This is exactly the same. The people making Kodular need to pay for all this things.

I know the value of money differs greatly from one country to another. But you have to evaluate what your apps are bringing to your wallet, and how much of that money is profit. I don’t think there’s any business in the world which is 100% profit. And if there is one, surely making mobile apps is not one of them.
So, if you compare many points like cost, learning curve, your time, features, availability, compatibility, etc. you will find which tool is the best for you.


Yeah you are right, but every user that used ads before, paid a percentage of fee or am I wrong?
And maybe some users didn’t know that before.

Eh… no… I don’t think so. If you are using Kodular as hobby or Education you shouldn’t have a limit for extensions or a project limit… You also can’t export your APK‘s.

Yes I can understand the reason of the Developers,

but I would rather to take a fee or a Premium subscription for Apps with earnings/advertisement


From my point of view it is not bad to put limitations, but everything must be applied to future projects, keeping those already created without alterations, then one starts a project knowing the limits, in this case what was done was to hijack the projects and request an extortion payment.

beyond the fact that they should have given time and they did not, from one day to the next they imposed their rules and many lost their projects.

the ambition of profit drove them to a faulty update, where the discounts were of no use, the approvals continue with delays, the premium accounts take time to become effective, and logical all the number of errors that the platform still has in which they are required fix/extensions to remedy, however they limit them, after-sales service and support do not exist.


Of course Kodular should have limits. People who are using it as a hobby or for education contribute no money to Kodular. Why should Kodular and other users subsidise them?

That is correct. However, most apps earn very little money for the developers. Kodular only got a small percentage of the developer’s earnings. The total earnings were less than Kodular’s costs so it was making a loss. Again, Kodular is not a charity or funded by grants, its revenue has to be more than its costs in the long term.

I use Kodular purely for my hobby. Just for me. No ads, no Playstore etc.
Now I can no longer create a new apps (I would have to export all of them, delete them to get under 10).
I can no longer compile apps with more than 5 extensions that I have already created (there are some).
Of course, it is up to the Kodular owner to charge for the service.
I switched from App Inventor to Kodular a few years ago - unfortunately! I shouldn’t have done it. I’ll go back and rewrite my apps now! Extremely unpleasant.

What exactly prevents you from exporting your projects? Also for backup purposes this would be a good idea…


the only thing what i consider wrong is the limitation on extension and that’s it because everyone knows some of the kodular component dose not work properly hence we have to use extentions. also it limit the creativity and that’s all i think is wrong with the kodular premium and i agree with all of the things in the premium but not extention limitation. Hope kodular team does something about this.

Hi Taifun
i like to play around and try different things. Since it is rather cumbersome but of course not impossible if only 10 projects are possible. The limitation to 5 extensions is more serious.
What I want to say: first for free, then for a fee. If I had known this beforehand, I would not have used Kodular.