5 Extensions Limits 😀

5 Extensions Limits - This dignity of yours is giving us a lot of trouble. You have disabled Ads monetization system, we have no problem with that. Please remove the extension limit because when we try to do any advanced work for the application as you have set a limit on it We will no longer be able to have your prime membership Only for trial basis, please remove it it will help us to learning :roll_eyes:.
@Boban @Diego

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Even as a paid user, my Google Ads didn’t work.
I don’t think they’ll accept your request.


But I am not asking them for advertisement, I am only asking them to remove the extension limit, I don’t care about advertisement. @Boban @Diego i just want to learn but the extension limit is giving me problem so i requested him maybe listen.

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App Inventor is a learning tool while Kodular is a professional tool.


I am not talking about platform here, I am only talking about extensions limit, according to you cycling may be right for you instead of bike, but if I have bike, I will ride it.

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I agree with Sunny here. If you would like to learn to create apps, the best way is to use App Inventor. Using App Inventor is totally free of charge, and there are no extension limits. Kodular is for you to develop professional apps, say, creating an app to a wider audience. But App Inventor can also do that. I’ve seen developers creating professional apps with App Inventor and still very popular.

Kodular makes the rules. They have the right to increase the limit, and all we can do is to follow it. You don’t order your friend to do something for you if you are at their house. However, I do agree increasing the extensions limit a little bit. (10 would do, no harm done)

This is your choice. For now, live with this limit and wait for a response.