After Premium Membership The Monetization Problem

Hi, I applied for monetization approval 9 days ago. I became a premium member 3 days ago. However, it is still not confirmed. Not confirmed within 24 hours?I request immediate attention based on the information provided. I sent an e-mail 3 days ago and still no response. Does the kodular not use communication channels?

you will need to wait. kodular staff is busy

then such a commitment will not be made. There’s a trick in the


Yes, Me too. More than 7 days :rofl:

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There are who are not premium members and have been approved in 10 days. What did I learn from this?There is no benefit in the approval period of the premium membership.

Atleast now you know. But i still don’t get why they limited the extension limit kodular suppose to be an educational services. And inoder to try to make something new and make good use of your skills you WILL have to use more then 5 extension i don’t mind the limitations on other things but to limit the extension mean limiting the creativity.

Well that’s my personal opinion and people might think I’m cheap and i don’t support kodular but hear me out I’m not using this platform to earn my sole purpose to use app builder without code to see how much creative i can be. Because if I do these make things in android studio witch can be used to make anything without limitation i can do that but it take 5X time to do something there.

Thank why i usually use kodular so that I can see what can I make here then try that same thing in android studio and improve it further.

Hope kodular team come base from there holiday.

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This is not true. Kodular is for commercial purposes. App Inventor 2 is for education.

Is it but when I have started on here when it’s name was mekaroid they always said it’s an educational platform and they didn’t encourage any app related to earning money whether it’s from ads or from other means.

I think i didn’t read right back then.