Kodular Should Launch Its Premium Version. Who Agree This?

Who Thinks Kodular Should Lunch Its Premium Version

In Which The Premium Users Get 100% Of The Ads Revenue Generated By App.

So Please Kodular Reply This In Positive Manner.

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We have said several times we won’t launch a premium version

Kodular was created to providen accessible suite for everyone to learn and, later, professionally create apps
Due to this, we strongly believe learning to code has to be a right and nobody should have to pay in order to learn the basics of programming
Kodular Creator provides one of the most complete tools in Internet to create apps without coding, and moreover it is being used by tons of students all over the world

Everybody has to be able to make their idea reality independently of their income
Someone can have the next big revolutionary idea, but sometimes without money it cannot be done
We don’t want this to happen

Also, as you might know, we take a small commission from AdMob components
What is fairer? Getting a fixed quota from everyone, without taking into account if they earn something, or taking the proportional earnings people make with our platform?
I think the answer is very obvious

We do not earn nothing from people which doesn’t earn anything with our platform
And we only earn from people who monetize their apps, earning money with Kodular Creator


I totally satisfied with the current kodular service. Its totally free for those who don’t monetize their app. And I’m one of them… :wink:


Would say the same, but saw that you’re typing.
I hope you can keep Kodular free forever :smile:

Why? The earnings you get at present are not enough for you?

There are still some really beautiful apps out there which really should get monetize but a big thanks to their developers who believe that apps are for using and not for earnings.

And even a loads of thanks to @KodularCreator and @Kodular for providing support to these developers and letting us all breathe in Ads free world.


I think I should not make someone feel guilty for wanting to make a living creating a monetized application. In my opinion, there are three possibilities, one is to create applications without monetizing, another would be monetized through Admob, which is in principle where Kodular gets part of its income and finally uses any advertising provider where Kodular does not get anything in return. The options are there and each one is very free to choose the one that best suits them. Anyway, if I’m wrong, be free to correct me.

Thxx To Sharing Your Views

I Am Totally Satisfied With This


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