Is there premium feature on kodular?

Hello there ,
Is there any premium subscription on kodular ?

If not please add subscribing to premium feature where you take some amount and dont take commission from app !

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What is your problem with commission?

The main thing is that, i made apps for others and they only want only there ads on app .

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what happened?

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And what % of commission Kodular is getting from your app?

Maybe 20% but i made apps for clints they didn’t want it

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20%! Don’t you think giving 80% to you is enough? Be thankful that Kodular is here!

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I am really thankful to kodular i have no problem, but they are not happy and i want full customer satisfaction. Thats why i think kodular should lauch premium subscription feature for 10$/ month

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You can ask your customers for building an Ad-Free app! :sunglasses:

I changed them around 20$ per app and they want ads thats the main reason

Not everyone earns from app so that they can buy a subscription. That’s the problem. I can remember Appybuilder Gold!:wink:


dont used any ads in your app, your clients will be more happy and Kodular do not take commission on those apps

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