Can I market an app created in kodular without paying?

The title says it, I can put it in playstore without paying commission?

Why does nobody understand for what he/she should use a title and for what a message?!?

Please use short and exact title.
And then explain correct in the message what you want to do…

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Creating an app in Kodular is free, but to publish it in Play Store you must have a developer’s account, which is paid.

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You do not have to pay Kodular. However any marketing is your own cost.

You can upload as many apps as you wish on Google Play if you have a developer account. To creat one you have to pay a one time fee of 25 dollars.

If you use admob the app being on playstore or not part of the revenue will go to Kodular. How much exactly is not possible to know, but it will be no more than 20%

It may get changed in next update, i’m not sure how much.

Where Did you see this? Just a question.

ProKoders have Early access, maybe like that