Monetization Kodular APK

Hello how to monetization my app on kodular without publish on play store can monetization app without publish app on play store ? for example to showing ads if i share my app on mediafire .apk not on play store can be monetization for showing ads ?
Thank You!

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Request ad approval by going on My Kodular page.

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Yes u can, you have to approve your app from Kodular by going to

After approval you can see ads in your app.

You have to apply for ads approvel

Thnx for answering me, i have request for monetization how much take for monetization?
Thnx all!

Calculate with the app. Search kodular commission on the play store

Have you searched the forum before asking? The questions you ask have been asked before. You have a reading time of only 17 minutes.

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To monetize in play store with admob do I also need approval in kodular?

no if you are uploading app in play store then you dont need approval from Kodular,

and as Peter said, always search before posting because lots of question already posted here and asking again and again only make useless posts for some users to read to answer again and again same questions.