Can i get monetization if my app its on play store?

Hello how are u people ?
i need help , if my app its on play store and if my app its for earning money can i get approved ? if i dont appeal monetization in kodular ?
thnx !

In future please search the forum before creating a topic.

If your app is already on the Play Store you do not need approval.

However, if it is an earning app Google may unpublish the app.

Earning apps are never approved by Kodular so you will be out of luck if you want to upload it to other stores.

Thnx for reply :slight_smile: !

  1. Ok :slight_smile:
  2. Ok thnx
  3. I see very much app in play store and they are monetization with google…
  4. I know that but i was ask : if my app its earning money and i created from kodular if i publish it in play store can ads show in the app or no :slight_smile: !

You can try at your own risk. Google will eventually catch up with them.

What kind of app are you making? You can make a “proper” app and monetise it, there’s no problem with that at all. In fact that’s a good thing as both you and Kodular may earn money.

You can create a “proper” app and use Admob to show ads. There are also alternatives to Admob but you can search for these yourself.

Please advise what your app is so I or someone else can give you better advice.

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