How much kodular charges

Guys these days I asked myself everything related to uploading my app to the play store. But what if I decide that my app is free and I just want others to enjoy my free app kodular will charge me some amount. What happens if the amount they download it for free but I make money with my own advertisements, that is, my app is a marketing app and I charge for each advertisement, but I don’t use an app that charges automatic kodular. Someone can explain me very well to be able to solve the doubts that do not let me sleep for all these nights.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi @MiguelMonterroza

This has been asked before and all info can be found on the community. So searching is always good. If your app doesn’t have any ads Kodular is totally free to use. You don’t have to give money to Kodular. If you want to monetize your app by using ads Kodular will take a share by displaying its own ads once in a while.


You can use Kodular’s Commission calculator for this


ok, we agree with that. But what about I did publicity by other means in my app that would I have to pay to kodular? tell us that I charge the user to show advertising in my application through photos. does that count as advertising that i have to pay to kodular?

I told you how Kodular works. The rest is your responsibility.

No, it is only if you use any advertising services. If someone pays you for a promotion directly then you won’t be charged. The only charge is done automatically by Kodular so you dont have to worry about payment.

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