Kodular Ads Problem, Kodular commission

Kodular does not charge commission on banner ads but in my app kodular is seeing banner ads of startapp and in my app Kodular has seen its ads many times.

Your app was aproved for monetization?

No But App already published on play store

Please don’t state something that isn’t true…


This is truth

Sorry, my mistake

apps installed from Play Store can display ads without restrictions


This is right as per kodular’s app (commission calculator) clearly states no commission applied on banner and ad reward video (admob).
But it does publish ads and takes commission
Which isn’t fair. They should either change app or remove their commission

you give commission for Interstitial ads(which is most popular ad format) and Rewarded ads .
Now, what’s the problem if you give commission for Banner ads (it is one of the least using ad format). Btw, the commission rate is only 10% . Kodular Helps you earn money easily. and you are not thinking to pay Kodular (as a small Commission).

I will pay 50% commission. I want them to mention it in their commission calculator app. In that app they say not applicable to both rewarded video and banner ad

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I’m having the same problem.
Kodular’s advertisement is being posted even though it pays 7.5 dollars a month.
I don’t believe in kodular more and more. They even said they would not charge a fee for banner ads.