Kodular's position in not meeting the demands

Recently, I read this criticism about Kodular not meeting the demands. I feel this is the general sentiment of the community right now, which highly needed an official stance.

Here’s my response to it:

I just wanted to put this together in a topic, so it reaches a wider audience, in hopes to clear some of your dilemma regarding the reliance on our services.


What’s about the integration kodular+app inventor? Will this integration solve the problems of staff?

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To some extent, yes. However, you should know that the App Inventor is focused on education, whereas Kodular is mainly used for building commercial applications as it provides monetization components.


In this regard, you can actually look for volunteers to help you for a very small fee or on a voluntary basis. Let’s develop and fascinate together, I am ready to contribute to you, paid or free.


I don’t think you people are serious about your platform. I have been using kodular since 2020 and the platform has gone from best, good, manageable , unmanageable to finally trying to become useless. If you the owners of kodular are serious about the platform, you will not allow it go so down. Don’t blame finance, blame your mismanagement of resources. There are about three new competitor in the market, androidbuilder is all free, although they have some bug, but is 200 times better than what kodular has reduced it self to. AB has been free since and has been able to keep making updates. But kodular staff shamelessly can’t make any good update since last year. And you are here to give us sermon of limited resources. Instead stating the fact that you misused the money you should have invested back into the platform. Own up to your mistakes be a man.

Yes I am angry because instead of coming out with 200 list of apologizes you dare to come here to tell us our complain is just sentiment, what an insult. If not for the kodular community which has been helping each other resolve issues, do you think anyone will be using kodular, do you know how outdated things are in kodular. Do you know how many people that subscribed for your services and got outdated and unacceptable service filled with bugs. If you were in the USA/Europe am sure you will be facing lots of law sue for fruad.

Apologize for all the nonsense, and ask for our assistant. As a community will can make gofunding for kodular.


I’m totally agree with him. Kodular misused our money. They should apologize and fix all running issues ASAP. We build commercial applications with Kodular. and this is not a joke. Don’t cover with these words you guys are having financial issues and unable to fix or update ongoing issues.


In my opinion, Kodular is good, but it lacks a lot of updates. I recently visited Niotron and they did a lot of things, I even bought their Premium package.


This is true subscriber purchase primium subscription, app monetization to buy extension why price 10$ inr 1000 why :thinking: this is not fair

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I like the kodular very much. And I am interested in working on kodular. But I am very unhappy with the update of the kodular. Why do we work with dollars from them, not working for free, I request kodular please look at our problems, we hope kodular becomes the most popular. “Inshallah”


The thing is this.
We should have seen this coming when ppl like Dora and painful Peter jumped ship.

I thought something was wrong back then (about a year ago now) but never thought in a million years it would collapse the way it has. I have an app Ive been working on for three years now and you can just imagine how I feel at this point in time. I was almost done, now Im really DONE. LEFT WITH NOTHING.



People will take months to build app. Only for kodular to not be able to update their platform. Pathetic.

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Eu era usuário premium cancelei a assinatura devido aos problemas referente as atualizações é uma pena!

I was a premium user and canceled the subscription due to problems with updates, it’s a shame!

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Thank you Pavi. I have writen Diego, Mika, Sivagiri and Conor regarding this issue and so far your was the only answer. As a premium member, I would very much like to ask for more detais. I don’t mind paying more for my subscription as long as this doesn’t mean a huge cost increase and that we can continue to deliver to our costumers without any further problems. That being said, transparency and open communication is a huge part of this. For the time being, I will keep my projects in Kodular and hope for the best.


Dear Kodular team,

I’ve managed so many IT projects in my life finishing with same journey : first super enthusiastic, than passionate, than harder to keep the passion weeks after weeks, and finally boring for all the team.

In one word like in thousand : you probably want to get rid of Kodular. It’s life.

So my question is simple : how much does it worth for you ? how much are you ready to sell the whole show ?

We, the users, can manage to find some investors and serious partners to continue the quest.



As a premium user, i have problems with build everytime, how do i justify this to my bosses…
I do not understand this

That’s true. That’s why us, the users that make money out from Kodular are willing to pay more, with the only condition of having a better platform and at least some kind of customer service.

Because we don’t need just to be your users but your customers.
Pointed that, Kodular needs to be a bussiness and a job for their staff not just a hobby which can not be sustained.


@Kodular wake up! :frog:

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Just to remember some of the many broken promises


We definitely want to change that. It’s pathetic for us, too. We will certainly be improving our services before we increase the prices. As a measure, we’re hiring some people to help us. I really hope that we gain your trust and confidence in us back by the end of this year.