Kodular is back



I don’t agree :roll_eyes:

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strongly agree


I’m also agree


can you argue your statement?

Waiting for kodular update :upside_down_face:

I don’t agree… Kodular has some good things and some not good things…

I think that the way to seek funding is not the best way… but maintaining a platform like this requires hard work.

If you like it stay, if you don’t like it, you can find another platform like this.

It’s truth that I payed for one year, and I’m waiting any weeks for publishing my first app.

Before, when free, we must to wait, now, paying, Kodular must to listen us and attend our requests.

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I strongly agree with you.

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Three months are not seen kodular staff in the Community.


Yes and still we are hoping Kodular will listen us :thinking:

Back in June/July they stated they would be more active in the community. For a few weeks they were but then went silent again with exception of the occasional post here and there.


Kodular is a best app builder. But

  1. Always use old SDK
  2. Why we pay for SDK 30? Already Niotron update their SDK…!

Android Builder Updated SDK too… :slightly_frowning_face:

Kodular ignore such risks due to its current location. It will be premium area as there are some situations like advertisement. The good thing is,
We’ve seen what the Kodular is actually aiming for. Now we understand why the Kodular are not shared as “open source” and Updates are insufficient.

Capitalism has grown big enough to discuss this topic today.

I am agree

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the reality is that they do not answer at all, since version 1.5.5 the camera stopped working and I have sent several emails to support and to different kodular contacts and nobody has even deigned to answer, they really got me into a big problem with the subject of the camera and I have not been able to give a solution to my client.
To make the charge monthly they are good for that but to answer and to give support: Zero!!!


There is a big problem with AdManager (ads are not showed even in test mode) and since the last update AdMob is only available using extensions, but, almost in my app, they have some incompatibilities and problems with InAppBilling (that also has to be implemented with extensions) so since the great last update my problems had been multiplied.
Not so happy, that’s the true.


Same problem with me even i set ecpm on optimise still i see fall everyday on impressions kodular ad manager ads are not working due to outdated sdk version, video inventory not enable and open bidding not added yet and kodular is not taking any action to fix this they only want to take commission from us and don’t want to struggle @Kodular

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@Vishwas @Diego atleast add open bidding or do something for video inventory. Please

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