Releasing details of SDKs we use with monetization components

Hello everyone,

The community often asks about when the SDKs are updated. We now have a document that lists all the monetization components and the versions of the SDK they used. This document will be updated when we upgrade the components.

Thanks for using Kodular :slightly_smiling_face:


Also add estimated upgrade timeline.


I saw SDK updates here for AdMob Banner, AdMob Interstitial, and AdMob Rewarded Video ads. So is Kodular bringing AdMob Ads again? Everyone will be very happy if this is done by Kodular.


they have to because the advertisement components for premium are too limited as compared to a neighbor platform. Kodular is definitely my first true love but sometimes I get sad when I see the limitation on certain stuffs. I mean we cant rely on extensions for everything,. I know they have it in them but why the reluctance on certain stuffs. there should be a clear line distinction between what is premium and what is free. its my humble submission that you work on your ads component also try and make facebook ads mediation possible without extension.


hi, do you plan to add offerwall sdks soon?


When the Google Ad manager SDK upgraded we are eagerly waiting for :thinking: @Diego @Vishwas @pavi2410

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Please Update the Admanager SDK to the latest also Do something for Video Inventory or Open Bidding.


When will you update the sdks?

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@pavi2410 @Diego @Vishwas @Kodular

Our neighbours platform using all Admanager components with latest SDKs but we are using only “Banner, Interstitial and Reward” with outdated SDKs and with limitations why? Video inventory still not enabled, Tapjoy, Applovin & Adcolony not added in open bidding so that’s why we are facing Low ecpm with no fill rate, You guys promise us you will provide us better ad inventory is this your better? :thinking:

Why @Kodular is not responding us on this topic ? :unamused:

SDK update Required and video Ads also. do the needful please diego diego vishwas vishwas diego please


Could you reply about this topic please @Kodular @Diego @Vishwas

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