Google Ad Manager - Video Ads

there is issue with Google AdManager SDK
Kodular should use the latest AdManager SDK with video player added SDK.

highly recommended is the integration of the video player with Google IMA SDK. This is beneficial for all publishers as the IMA SDK supports all video templates by IAB: VAST, VPAID, and VMAP.

this is the only reason that liner Ads, non-liner Ads & companian Ads are not working, and we dont get decent fillrate
& eCPM.


Yes i totally agree with you please @Kodular update the Admanager SDK so we can get decent filtrate and ecpm Thank you :blush:

That’s right. Kodular needs an urgent update, the new version that separates premium and conventional was not cool.


Ad Manager uses the AdMob Sdk to show Ads.

Kodular is using the very older version of MobileAds Sdk 19.7.0, the latest MobileAds version is 21.2.0. they already mention here that upgarde is needed.

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Yes i checked that they mentioned it but they don’t want to upgrade it i don’t know why like this @Kodular was really hard working but from past one month i don’t know what happened with them why they are not giving response is something really happened :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

We need Admanager Native ads component as well @Kodular