Kodular's Google AdManager Sdk is expired - Urgent Fix ReQuest

I have Questions for @Diego

Q1: Can we use AdManager extension instead of Kodular Native Ad Manager Component? as Sdk in kodular is expired.

if so,

Q2: Can you please share the tag names which you create to assign eCPM floors for Child admanagers?

note : tags will help us to control the eCPM floor with Ad Manager extension.

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This is the reply of @Diego when i talked about Kodular Ad Manager SDK when it’s on Deprecation mode and now it’s Sunset but still Kodular didn’t updated their SDK it look like Kodular is no more interested in Ad Manager Now

If they don’t want to update their SDK atleast they should help us in this so we can use third party extension :pray:


Ad serving is not impacted by the SDK version Please upgarde SDK.

I’m also facing that issue, ads manager not serving the ads due to Kodular’s SDK version.
Team Kodular please upgrade the SDK version and fix the issues as soon as possible.

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Ads at risk of not serving to this version. We will regularly review usage of all sunset versions going forward to consider disabling ad serving. The oldest versions with lower usage and higher maintenance costs will be targeted first. When ad serving is disabled, ad requests return a no fill with an error indicating that this version is sunset.
Google Statement :white_check_mark:

@Diego when kodular is going to update their Ad manager Sdk ? Any explanation?

@Diego are you working on it?

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I don’t think so they are working on it

After an SDK version is sunset, ad traffic from that version is at risk of receiving automatic no fill due to stopped ad serving.

I Don’t think that Kodular is anymore working on its regular updates including SDK updates since they are working on migration to AI2.


Diego Sdk issue impacting all Kodular Ad Manager users so please fix it soon as you said you will update their Sdk before deadline but didn’t happened this please fix it as soon as possible

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Diego please fix the issue ads Are not showing . Please update SDK .

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Then they should let Kodular Free forever remove this premium subscription let people do whay they want if they can’t provide a full service

Yeah, I agree.


i am the one of most earliest Admanager user. i request @diego to please fix this issue.

also talk with google to give high eCPM Ads to us. thankyou

What will happened if Kodular update their Ad manager sdk to the latest version? Any problem?

I am also facing the same issue. Kindly update the sdk as soon as possible

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@Diego it’s more than 10 days Kodular Ad Manager Sdk Sunset but there is no response from Kodular Staff Why?

its humble saying now. fix this Sdk issue.

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When Kodular is going to update their Ad Manager Sdk? @Diego @pavi2410