Urgenly Fix - Ad Inventory

Hello Kodular,
I am talking to you and many people who are discussing with each other with a lot of trouble, their issue should be solved.

Every time you have a new excuse, paperwork not done, google not sitting in a meeting, google not replied emailing, sometimes you get confused and busy.

You made your big announcement of open building in front of everyone but you did not implement it.

Who will catch and fix the video Inventory fault that is fascinated for centuries, not years?

Don’t you think you should take everyone in a confidence about this we are all working together.


If our Revenue increases that translates to better commissions for Kodular team, right? @Diego Please look into this.

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Yes this is our demand we don’t want excuses or time anymore because we all are waiting from long time and this is the situation right that we have to set ecpm floor on optimise because our impressions are falling and some apps almost to zero impressions so if you couldn’t provide us better ad inventory then please tell us we will choose other option i don’t know why @Kodular behaving like this they don’t want to talk about these issues even and if you enable these open bidding and video inventory then we can earn good revenue it’s not only our benefit also your benefit as well if we earn good revenue you will get good commission and if you have too much money in your bank you don’t want good commission then remove commission from our earnings and let us earn :grinning: @Kodular @Vishwas @Diego

Yes the impression issue is very series.
Impression decreasing day by day​:+1:

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Hi team @Kodular ads manager issue seems to be increasing day by day i already post a reply on other post that if kodular didn’t provide some support for adsmanger related issues than why they add ads manager option? Give any solid reply regarding the issue as it’s just like spamming the community with only ads manager posts.

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They are not replying to us regarding Ad manager so that’s why we are posting in community again and again

i am facing same issue.but impression decreased day by day.

All are facing issue my friend…:relieved:

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When this issue will be resolved?

May b next year​:running_man:

hello kodular now you have to fix this issue. its enough they all are tired of asking

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Yes @Kodular please listen us fix this issue soon we are tired :tired_face: @Diego

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@Kodular promise to their user’s :clap:

I have lost all the hopes from Kodular. They are not even bothered to atleast reply to so many premium member’s questions.

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promise :sweat_smile:

atleast the cant reply us the situation , or remove commision from us till the issue solve

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Yes they should remove the commission until they fix this issue and provide us a better inventory

Iam just earning daily 1, before 4-8 daily…:innocent:
Huge Lose…

No one from staffs are responding us :upside_down_face:

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Question : do we all deserve these lollipops which kodular gives us everytime regularly?

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No i don’t think so because we are paying commission

yes if issue faced by us we got only less revenue & kodular not ready to deacrease the commision…