GAM Earnings - 10x Earning Boost

Being Google AdManager user since 1 year+ i can surely say if Video Inventory + Open Bidding Starts then our revenue will increase 10x boost.

AdMob we had $3+ eCPM with 75%+ Fillrate
AdManager we have $0.80 eCPM with almost 30% Fillrate

Dear @kodular please focus on this serious issue.


They are not going to do it.
They did not fix anything in last update. Everything they promise is a lie.


I agree with you @Kodular should update their Sdk to latest version as well as enable Video Inventory and open bidding

Please fix it @Diego @Vishwas @Kodular

Dear kodular if any staff leaves kodular then let us know, so we stop praying that issue can’t be fix.

We keep praying here for 2 months and a small reply comes from you, that too is not related to the issues.

Feeling now we have got used to being treated like that.